Masters to get underway at National Disability Championship

By Matt Stevens
June 14, 2024

It’s Masters Day at the 35th National Disability Championship at Zone Bowling Tuggeranong in the nation’s capital!

Qualifying is now complete, and we have the top bowlers ready to compete in three master events: Restricted, Classic, and Open. The Classic and Open Masters are nationally ranked events within the TBA Inclusion division. Bowlers qualified by achieving their highest three-game series in either a Singles or Doubles entry (plus handicap for the Classic and Restricted divisions) during the championship.

Open Masters

This scratch event is open to male and female bowlers with entering averages of 160 and above. The Open Masters is ranked for the Inclusion Division and eligible bowlers.

Classic Masters

This handicapped event, based on 100% of 200, is open to male and female bowlers with entering averages between 120-159. Like the Open Masters, it is ranked for the Inclusion Division and eligible bowlers.

Restricted Masters

This handicapped event, based on 100% of 200, is open to all male and female bowlers with averages of 119 or below.

Finals Format

The top 16 qualifiers will compete in the finals. The 2023 National Master champions and State Master winners have automatic entry, with vacancies filled by qualifiers.

The Masters Final consists of 8 games (4×2 game blocks). Bowlers in each division will be ranked by total pinfall after 8 games (including handicap in the Classic and Restricted Divisions).

The top 3 in each division will compete in a one-game stepladder final. If the top seed loses the first match, a further one-game match will determine the winner.

Tenpin Bowling Australia congratulates all qualifiers and wishes them the best of luck and high scores in today’s events!

Score links or information will be posted on this article and if provided by the tournament team on the ground during the day.


State Qualifying
Tony Parker ACT ACT REP
Adam Sutherland TAS TAS REP
Pino Mascetti VIC VIC REP
Gemma Anderson SA SA REP
Nicholas Jefferson QLD QLD REP
Zac Marshall WA WA REP
Tyler Allen QLD 762
Will Mison QLD 632
David Riddle QLD 622
Ashley Poelstra QLD 614
Malakai Sammut QLD 599
Mitch Meares NSW 591
Ben Madden QLD 579
Brian O’Leary NSW 576
Claire Gee VIC 575


State Qualifying
Kenneth Loft ACT ACT REP
Aaron Fittkau TAS TAS REP
Tim St Clair NSW NSW REP
Tina Armstrong SA SA REP
Corey madsen WA WA REP
Joseph Ware ACT 762
Jason Beck SA 739
Harry Woodhouse NSW 735
Tina Festegiante WA 715
Luke Daniels WA 706
Anthony Ceccone ACT 697
Ian Albeck NSW 696
katelyn Smith NSW 691
Steven Anderson QLD 685
Kelly Preer VIC 683


State Qualifying
Sarah Booth ACT ACT REP
Alisha Hunter TAS TAS REP
Joshua Walker NSW NSW REP
Lisa Mcleish VIC VIC REP
Evelyn Schliefert SA SA REP
Madison Gardner-Hudson QLD QLD REP
Owen Thomas WA 778
Simon Sydo NSW 730
Timothy Watts WA 693
Benito Augimeri WA 692
Britney Gardner-Hudson QLD 683
Vlad Dionsiou NT 679
Natasha Cattle NSW 678
Michael Dixon NT 677
Joshua Zucchelli QLD 675
Joshua Kancilija WA 672

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