By Matt Stevens
April 10, 2019

TenpinSA has officially adopted a new Constitution. This document was passed at a Special General Meeting on Tuesday the 9th of April, 2019.

Whilst the changes to the Constitution were largely intended to bring the document up to date, there are a couple of clauses that have changed to help better represent the bowlers of South Australia.

Firstly, the number of member-elected positions has increased to 8. It was felt that having the possibility of a more diverse Board warranted the increase. The number of Board-appointed members has also increased by two. This will allow the appointment of people with specific skills to help the Board operate at a more professional level.

The biggest change is to the voting process at the AGM. Previously, AGM votes (including election of Board Members) were done by each TBA-registered centre (or the Centre Association if one existed). The voting process will now allow every TBA-registered bowler to vote in Board elections and Notices of Motions at the AGM. This is the biggest change in TenpinSA’s Constitution for a number of years and will give bowlers a direct say in who represents them and ensure that bowlers are fairly and evenly represented on the Board.

The next AGM is at the end of May and more information will be available via email and Facebook over the next few weeks giving more information on how to nominate (or vote) for a position on the TenpinSA Board.

You can read the new Constitution here