Pocket Preview: 2024 Melbourne Tenpin Cup

By Matt Stevens
June 14, 2024

The Melbourne Tenpin Cup is set to celebrate its 50th edition this weekend at Oz Tenpin Chirnside Park in Victoria. Established in 1973, this premier event boasts a past champion roll call that any tournament would be proud to have. It stands as one of Australia’s most historical and prestigious tournaments on the calendar. In 2024, the 50th anniversary of the event will run from 14-16 June 2024.

Queensland’s ‘King in the North,’ Jarrod Langford, will return to defend his crown and compete for his fifth consecutive Melbourne Tenpin Cup title. Only Australia’s superstar Jason Belmonte holds more titles, with seven victories between 2002-2016.

There will be no shortage of competitors aiming to stop Langford’s winning streak, with Sam Cooley being one of the top contenders. Returning home to compete in this year’s event, the Melbourne Tenpin Cup is one of the very few titles that has eluded the Shellharbour Tenpin bowler in the past.

The format remains the same, involving both a marathon and sprint to the title with pinfall carrying throughout. Bowlers will begin the first stage by completing 10 games in 5 x 2-game blocks. The top 39 will advance to stage two for an additional 5 games to solidify the top 15 that will progress to the final stage 3. In the finale, the top 15 will bowl 7 games round robin with bonus pins of 40 for a win and 20 for a tie, activated in the last stretch to crown the champion.

Tenpin Bowling Australia wishes all bowlers the best of luck and high scoring on the weekend celebrating the 50th anniversary of this grand event.

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